Wednesday, August 18, 2010

7 days and counting...

So the past few days now, since I am starting to get close to my departure date, have been spent at work, the gym and hanging out with my friends. When I am actually involved in those things life just seems like its gonna go on the same without any change. However, when I zone out for a second and stop and think, "You only have 7 days left in the USA.", all of the sudden I get that feeling. The one were it feels like you just ran through a meadow collecting butterflies for an hour an then gorged yourself with them. I hope that conveys it well enough. Unfortunately the time periods of not realizing that I am going to Japan are great enough that I don't feel a need to open my textbooks and practice nearly as often as I should. I'm hoping that writing that down in this post will help me come to terms with that. Upon reflection, I think not. I have been practicing my capacity to eat Japanese food though, much to the dismay of one of the other students going to Japan. We ate a sushi house today and Tyler, a guy that went to Japan last semester, and I made the other student eat tuna nigiri - basically raw tuna on top of a nice ball of sticky rice. He made one of those gagging faces coupled with the "Oh my god what did I just eat?" looks. Classic!

Well thats about all that has been going on in my life. Hope it was at least slightly amusing.

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  1. The butterflies in a meadow is hilariously accurate! I've been feeling that way almost nonstop lately. Only four more days!!