Monday, September 27, 2010

Posting just to post again...

So it is Monday night, I haven't done anything really that special since I finished the weekend, but sometimes I just feel like writing about life. Today was a relatively simple day. I managed to keep myself from sleeping in class all through out today and I actually really enjoyed the Japan and China class today. We were talking about the detention of a Chinese ship captain in Japan for fishing in Japanese waters which actually led us into a huge discussion about how Japan still hasn't apologized adequately to China for the Nanjing Massacre. On the other hand no other country in the world has seen fit to apologize at all for the atrocities they committed, at least not without being forced to by a treaty after a war.

After class, I got a good workout in and then went and watched the Shorinji Kempo club practice. I will be going to practice starting on Wednesday and hopefully I will stick with it, but I am not going to say I will because it always seems that I don't when I do. On the one hand it looks like alot of fun and they seem to be really friendly and eager to help us learn Japanese. On the other hand, its still pretty time consuming. Whatever happens, happens though.

It rained today so I had to take the bus home, but it wasn't so bad because I met my friend Yurina, a native, on the way to the bus stop. She was apparently taking the bus home too because it was raining. She is studying Spanish so she likes to say Spanish words to me all the time, which makes for an amusing conversation because most of the time I never catch what she is saying because she can't pronounce the r sound. She can do the double rr sound where you roll it on your tongue really well though haha.

I found out today that I apparently surprise Japanese people a lot. They say that my intonations when I speak Japanese sound just like a Japanese person so they never see it coming when I talk. If only my vocabulary and my grammar were on that level. Maybe at the end of my stay then.

This weekend I am going to Danjiri Matsuri in my friend Shizuka's hometown. Then the weekend after that I am going to Hiroshima like I mentioned before. I'll keep posting in the meantime.


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